Most Recent Judgments

Civil law and Procedure - Application for Leave to Appeal against an interlocutory order of the High Court per Section 14 (1) (b) of the Court of Appeal Act 74 of 1954.

Application proceedings-Urgent application for the review and setting aside of a decision taken by First Respondent to terminate a Service Level Agreement.

Motion proceedings brought under a certificate of urgency- Applicant seeking order for cancellation of written lease agreement and for the return of leased equipment-Respondent alleging that equipment was sold to it and that the purchase price was paid in full to App

The applicant must give a reasonable and acceptable reasons or explanation for the default and that he has a bona fide defence on the merits in terms of the common law.

This doctrine clearly points out that the injured party to a contract that has been repudiated by the other party has a right to insist on its specific pe1formance and obtain an order. He cannot be compelled to sue for damages ifhe opts to insist on specific pe1formance in as much as that option to sue for loss of income  is available to him

Verbal   lease agreement-Action proceedings for ejectment of Defendant from leased premises­ Defendant raising counter-claim and demanding compensation for improvements effected on the properly prior to vacating premises- Plaintiff disputing that authority was sought and obtained to effect improvements on the property.

Criminal Appeal - application for condonation for the late filing of a Notice of Appeal;

Applications for Condonation by P' Respondent for late filing of Answering Affidavit, Heads of Argument and Bundle of Authorities - Requirements re-stated - Applications granted - Application for leave to a

An application in terms of Rule 30 (1) of the High Court Rules of Eswatini. Applicant filing Replying Affidavit 7 days outside of the stipulated time in the Rules of Court. Respondents filing a Rule 30 notice and/or application to have the Replying Affidavit set aside with costs. 

Extradition Request - Prisoner unlawfully and prematurely released prior to completion of sentences in South Africa - Two life sentences (concurrent) plus - additional 23 years imprisonment imposed but appellant erroneously released on fraudulent documentation - Over 13 years sentencing period remaini