Most Recent Judgments

Appellant acknowledged indebtedness  to Respondent - Appellant failing to raise existence of trial issues and/or bonafide defence in Court a quo- Appeal dismissed with costs.

Three  different  matters  were   presented  for  hearing of appeal(1) and a renewed application for bail, certified by thei

A tripartite order was sought against the decision of the Registrar of Companies (Registrar) declining to register applicants’  Association. It was for a review or setting aside the decision of the Registrar and a declaratory order to the effect that the decision of the Registrar was unconstitutional, at the same time declaring that the registration of applicants’ Association was commensurate to section 17 of the Companies Act No. 8 of2009 (Act). The respondents were opposed to the orders sought on a number of grounds.

Appeal---Application for extension of time--Failure to file heads of arguntent together with the list of authorities to be relied upon in ternts of Rule 22 (1) of the
Industrial Court of Appeal Rules---Application for extension of time in terms of Rule 16 filed--- Failure to apply for condonation in terms of Rule 17---Appellant failing to satisfy the legal requirements for extension and/or condonation---Application accordingly ref used and appeal struck off the roll.

Practice---Counsel appearing "on behalf of'' or "with instructions from" another counsel---Prudence advised

Applicant instituted an application seeking an order that a consultant's report compiled pursuant to a job evaluation and salary review exercise be referred to an independent expert for analysis and review.

Applicants instituted an urgent application seeking an order interdicting a disciplinary hearing against the 2nd Applicant pending the determination of a prayer for a declaratory order that the hearing was time-barred in terms

The Applicant alleges that on the 1B'" February, 2022 she was formally suspended with full pay from duty and with immediate effectby the Respondent.   However, on the 1 March, 2022 she r

The present proceedings were instituted by the Applicant against the Respondent on the 19th

The Applicants instituted the present application seeking payment of two unpaid public holidays-public  holidays  fell  during  law/ul strike action- Respondent involved the no work  no  pay  rule­ Section 87 of Industrial Relations Act 2000 (as amended)

The applicants seek an interdict against a parliament select committee constituted by the house of assembly to investigate reported gross maladministration, abuse of power and embezzlement of estate monies at the master of the high court – The application is vigorously opposed by the respondents – A preliminary issue

Criminal Procedure - accused charged with murder in furtherance of common purpose-first accused prime mover of conspiracy to murder his wife-second accused hired, transported and paid for executing murder at instance of first accused-both accused persons had intention to kill-they planned and prepared to execute the plan to kill the deceased.