Court Code

Civil Practice-plaintiff’s claim against third defendant arises from an alleged estate agency agreement that was entered into and executed through its servant; Sibonelo Mamba-It is alleged that Mamba made certain representations that were negligent an

Parties consenting to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates' Court in their written agreement. In a subsequent dispute of alleged breach of contract at the High Court, Respondent raising a point of law that High Court has no jurisdiction over the dispute. 

After considering a number of legal authorities on the subject, Court comes to the conclusion that the clause in the written agreement of the parties does not oust the High Court's jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter. Point in limine dismissed and Respondent granted leave to file Answering Affidavit. 

Application for summary judgment. Circumstances under which the provisions of Rule 32 (2) (a)-(d) can be invoked. Whether summary judgment is competent on the facts alleged by Plaintiff. 

The application for summary judgment by Plaintiff partly succeeds. The remainder of the Plaintiff's claims are referred to oral evidence. 

Maintenance of minor children – Appeal from Judgment of the

Criminal law – Accused persons charged with acting jointly and in furtherance of common purpose,, with Oupa Manyisa, on the first count, in committing the offence of murder and in the second count, with committing, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm – The Crown in conjunction with the accused, submitted to Court a statement of agreed facts – They pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to culpable homicide on the first count – On the second

The applicant is charged with rape before the principal magistrate in Mbabane-matter has been pending since 2014-applicant was granted bail by the High Court with specific condition including that he should attend court whenever he is called upon to do so-trial commenced at the magistrate court and after applicant had been warned to attend for continuation of the trial, he failed to do so-the Crown applied for a warrant of applicant’s appreh

Criminal law- accused charged with murder-at close of case for the Crown accused moves application for discharge of accused in terms of section 174(4) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act 67/1938 (as amended)-where prima facie case establish