Court name
Supreme Court of eSwatini
Case number
19 of 2021

Mabuza and another vs Director of Public Prosecution (19 of 2021) [2022] SZSC 10 (12 May 2022);

Media neutral citation
[2022] SZSC 10
Case summary:

Three  different  matters  were   presented  for  hearing of appeal(1) and a renewed application for bail, certified by their attorney as urgent - No  effort  of'  consolidation made by  either  party  -Pleadings  by  Applicants/ Appellants unacceptably presented under guise of procedural ignorance - No demonstrated  effort  to overcome   patently  ohvio11.1·  misguided   papers  filed off record   -    Purported   certificate of urgency  to  seek justification for enrolling and dealing with it under a "certified" basis of urgency in support of a late application for condonation of the admittedly late filing of their Notice (!f Appeal - It seeks to import a fresh application for the release of the applicants on bail, which was held out to be considered as a Court of First Instance. This incompetently presented prayer was not pursued by the Applicants and it falls to be regarded as "Pro non scripto ",

Annadale, JA
Matsebula, JA
Currie, AJA