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Civil law- Law of contract- Written contract of hire. Terms and conditions of contract setting out the method upon which charges would be levied Terms and conditions not clear and parties in dispute over these terms

Criminal Procedure-Criminal law-accused charged with attempted murder-accused pleads guilty-Crown led evidence to prove commission of offence-when accused led evidence he stated that he acted in private defence­ complainant stabbed accused on knee-accused stabbed complainant on chest and on shoulder blade-complainant version not without blemish-Crown did not discharge onus of proof beyond reasonable  doubt-accused acquitted and discharged.

Criminal  Procedure -  Bail pending appeal -  applicant convicted of attempted  murder and sentenced to three years imprisonment - applicant has noted an appeal against ccnviction and sentence - applicant has applied for bail pending appeal.

Criminal trial-Accused  persons  facing a charge of murder.

Bail - appellant allegedly raped his fifteen year old biological daughter on multiple occasions - appellant charged with rape in contravention  of  Section 3 (]), 3 (3) (a) (c), 3 (4) (c), 3 (6) (e)  as read with Section 3 (9) (b) of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act No 15 of 2018 - such constitute specified incidences  of rape as listed in Schedule Five of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act No 67 of 1938 - consequently and in terms of section 96(12) of t