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Civil law- Rules of natural justice- application for recusal of a judge. Judge previously decided live legal issue in another case. Allegation of apparent bias or apprehension thereof.

Interpretation of Statutes-Proper approach to interpretation of legal documents-Repeal of Statutes-Implied repeal-when applicable. Practice and Procedure-Abandoned point of law-Revival on appeal Costs of counsel-discretion of court-when dis

Appellant acknowledged indebtedness  to Respondent - Appellant failing to raise existence of trial issues and/or bonafide defence in Court a quo- Appeal dismissed with costs.

Three  different  matters  were   presented  for  hearing of appeal(1) and a renewed application for bail, certified by thei

Application Respondent to disclose assets for purposes  of securing a civil claim yet to  he instituted. Requirements to be established by Applicant1 assessed.

Application for leave to appeal - Interlocutory order of mandamus issued by the High Court against the Applicants - Whether High Court has jurisdiction - Appealability of the order - Importance of the proposed appeal and interests of justice to be considered -Leave granted - Meaning of pending before t